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William's Bio

Hailing from a small fishing town in Massachusetts, William James is having his name whispered a lot recently. His musical output whether it be a single production or live set is an emotionally provocative perfomance that is not only heard but felt. Delivering an impassioned journey that frequently floors audiences and evokes feelings of intrigue, inspiration, and awe. He has shown a cleverness for constantly creating music that is both complex and beautiful. His goal is simple, to help and have a positive effect on people whether it be in a significant or small way with something that he’s made. In his own words “Music is therapy, it can express emotions that words can’t. It’s always been a huge part of my life and sharing it with the world is something that makes me happy”.



His sound has caught the ears and attention of some well-known peers including the likes of Illenium, Said The Sky, Manila Killa, and Jai Wolf. This attention garnered him the oppurtunity to do the official remix for Illenium’s “Without You” which was just released in December on the “Ashes’ (remixes) album . The song was featured on one of the largest Youtube music channels (Mrsuicidesheep) and has amassed a hefty play count in just a short period of time. With plenty of projects well underway including some fresh remixes, plans for an EP, and a penchant for impassioned dj performances, 2017 is gearing up to be a break out year for William James.

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14 December 2017
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14 December 2017
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14 December 2017
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14 December 2017
RT @manilakilla: TEXT “resist” to 50409. PROTECT NET NEUTRALITY
13 December 2017
@libbyyli @sneheha this music thing is actually just a front for my jam company 🍓🍇💦
12 December 2017
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